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Welcome to "Notes in the Margins," a place where the unseen stories and unspoken truths of our lives come into focus. As a coach in Courageous Agency, Connected Leadership, and Product Alchemy, I've learned that the most transformative insights often emerge from the sidelines, like hidden notes in the margins of our personal narratives. This blog is where I share those discoveries, blending professional wisdom with the rich, ongoing journey of personal growth and storytelling.

Here, we venture beyond the main text of our lives to explore the power of rewriting our stories. By sharing lessons from the realms of leadership, innovation, and the deep personal work of aligning with our core values, "Notes in the Margins" serves as a guide through the intricacies of courage, connection, and transformation. It's a space for those ready to uncover the profound lessons tucked away in the margins of their daily lives, eager to learn from both the subtle and monumental moments.

Join us in this collective exploration, where each post is an invitation to reflect, grow, and connect more deeply with ourselves and others. "Notes in the Margins" isn't just about the stories we tell; it's about the ones we're brave enough to change. Together, let's find the wisdom that lies in the overlooked and the undervalued, turning the margins into the heart of our narrative.

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Exploring the transformative power of stories hidden in life's margins, blending coaching insights with the art of personal growth


I coach for courageous agency in work/life, teach connected leadership, & guide PMs in product alchemy. PCC with MBA & MA in Org. Transformation, blending a heart-centered approach & 20+ years in tech to harmonize meaning & ambition.