About Notes in the Margins

People are interesting. Some more so. Others less so. Where I fall on that continuum is ultimately dependant on what you, dear reader, find interesting.

I called this Notes in the Margins because the books I read have lots of marginalia…notes on edges, circles words, underlines. I even take notes on documents I write for work or as a side note when I'm journaling. The best finds get a picture taken…or key ideas jotted down in a notebook I keep for just such things.

My commitment is to share some thoughts on the things I love: books, product development, travel, social justice, and heart-centered leadership.

I will make mistakes. Sometimes you might not like what I have to say. I will hit send when there are still typos. I will misspell things (because spelling is NOT my superpower).

But honesty and vulnerability are among my superpowers. I've failed a few times (that's an understatement) and I've been really fortunate to lead great teams (also an understatement). I've learned a lot (might be an overstatement) and I want to share with anyone who is interested (just a statement).


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